Racing Fuel

Racing Fuel

Puget Sound Petroleum knows racing and so does the team at Renegade Race and Performance Fuel. Renegade engineers their fuels to burn cooler, cleaner and more consistent than the competition. They manufacture their fuel in small batches just like fine Kentucky Bourbon! More than a standard racing fuel, engineered to protect your investment and give you the winning edge. Learn more at

Puget Sound Petroleum has been a Renegade Distributor since 2015 and is so proud to support racers who WIN! With every purchase of Renegade Race Fuel through us, you’re eligible for Puget Sound Petroleum’s contingency rewards. Click the link below to download your application!

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“We have been using Renegade Race Fuels for the last 8 years. Our car runs very consistent. We have won 2 Division Championships and several PNSSTA Championships through this partnership.

We thank Lindsey, Violet, Kristin and their Team for their continued support and lifelong friendship!”

– Sims Family Racing