About Us

For two decades, Puget Sound Petroleum has provided residential and commercial customers with efficient lubricant and fueling services. Whether you need an oil delivery at your automotive shop, a fuel tank at your jobsite or just having your heating oil tank topped off, we’ll provide the products and dependable service you need to keep your business moving forward and your home warm & cozy!

Puget Sound Petroleum History


With 15 years of experience and incredible mentorship from some of the industry’s best leaders, Lindsey Larson, along with his wife Violet, established Puget Sound Petroleum; proudly serving the heating oil communities in the greater Puget Sound region.


The entire Puget Sound Petroleum team took pride in being selected and recognized as a Valued Marketer of Citgo Lubricants for the Pacific Northwest.


Kyle, Lindsey and Violet’s son, joined the team, marking the beginning of a second-generation company!


Lindsey purchased his first transport truck and expanded the business from local heating oil, commercial fueling and lubricant deliveries to include transport hauling across Washington State.


Kristin, Lindsey and Violet’s daughter, joined the team, as they continued to build a strong second-generation foundation. Puget Sound Petroleum also acquired Pettit Oil’s Bulk Plant in Bremerton, WA and expanded their service area throughout Kitsap County.


Renegade Race Fuels entered the Pacific Northwest market and signed Puget Sound Petroleum as the Washington State Dealer of Renegade Race Fuels.


Kristin’s husband Zack Rice joined our team, solidifying the future of Puget Sound Petroleum.


Puget Sound Petroleum moved their headquarters a few miles down the road into the Port of Tacoma gaining another Bulk Plant and growing their business in the Tacoma and surrounding areas.


2021 brought an end to our decade-long distributorship with Citgo. We were given the prestigious opportunity to sign with Phillips 66 and distribute industry-leading lubricants with both Phillips and Kendall products. This rapidly growing relationship has allowed us the ability to provide a full line of formulations across automotive, trucking, construction, agriculture, and small engine industries.