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#1 in Dependable Service and Premium Heating Oil Our quality can not be beaten and our neighborly service is unmatched!


Payment Plans

ALL PRODUCTS – 1/3 payment due on delivery with two subsequent payments of 1/3 each due the following two months with a total of 60 day terms. All accounts with an unpaid balance 30 days from due date of final payment will be subject to a late charge fee of $15.00 per month.  Minimum delivery is 200 gallons.  Per approved credit. >>Click here to view/ download our Credit Application.<<


12 Month Payment Plan

We will divide your estimated annual heating oil cost into 12 equal monthly payments (payments average from $175-$275 per month) with no interest (on approved credit). This makes heating your home that much easier and helps you plan your annual budget with no surprises.  The 12 month plan must be started in the Spring after the heating oil season and the account must be current at that time.


Automatic Fill

Enjoy hassle-free oil delivery with FREE Automatic Fill. You don’t have to go outside to measure your oil tank or remember to call us for a delivery. We’ll keep track of your oil usage and the weather and automatically deliver your heating oil when you need it. Plus, our Automatic Fill customers get delivery and service priority. Best of all ... this program is absolutely free! Using a “Degree Day” measuring system, we calculate how cold it has been over a period of time and compute your fuel usage accordingly. We then will automatically deliver fuel to your home to keep your fuel supply from getting low.

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Our system allows us to keep your oil supply consistent, eliminating draw-downs to low levels. This “No-Worry” option ensures uninterrupted fuel availability. GUARANTEE – We back up our auto-fill program with a no-charge 24 hour emergency delivery program. With Puget Sound Petroleum as your supplier, you are able to contact someone in the evening, weekends or holidays. We know of no other company that offers this level of service.

Our guarantee is that we will dispatch a driver to provide fuel and restart your furnace after the oil is received by our emergency paging service. Our guarantee is limited to supplying fuel and restarting the furnace. We will not be responsible if any damage to property occurs due to a delay in notifying us of the outage or service required due to deteriorating equipment. This guarantee requires that your account remain in current payment terms.

*Must have current credit card on file for payment processing